375 Women enrolled into Christian Women Fellowship

A total of 375 women from all the parishes of the Diocese of Kampala were on Sunday, 31 July 2022 enrolled to Christian Women Fellowship (CWF).

A service to admit new members was held at St Stephen’s Kisugu Church of Uganda the headquarters for the Southern Archdeaconry and was presided over by Rt. Rev Dr. Hannington Mutebi, the Assistant Bishop of the diocese. The day was also used to commemorate the biblical Mary Magdalene who is regarded as the CWF patron.

In his homily, Bishop Mutebi urged women to emulate the life of Mary Magdalene who after being delivered from the seven demons by Jesus decided to follow him until the last minute. The bishop also warned women not to run to witch doctors when they face afflictions but to look up to Jesus for answers.

“A witch doctor will ask you to do this and that, he will take your money in addition to many other demands. A witch doctor will ask you to bring a goat even when you have never slaughtered one in your home and when you go back, you will be asked to bring chicken but when you come to Jesus he offers you free service. You don’t need to pay even a single coin. You go to him, confess your sins and then he attends to all your needs.”

Said Bishop Mutebi

Elizabeth Caroline Kikoyo, the president of Mothers Union and CWF, Diocese of Kampala added that; just like Mary Magdalene, women need to go to Jesus to cast out demons of quarrelling, grumbling and disunity among other bad spirits in their lives.

Meanwhile, Kikoyo said women who are 18 years and above are welcome to join CWF and so long as they were baptized in Anglican faith to be able to benefit from the enormous opportunities that come with it.

Also during the occasion, several women accepted Jesus as their lord and savior and were prayed for by Bishop Mutebi.

Started in Uganda in 1905, CWF is a non-discriminatory ministry which unites all Christian women, young, old, married, unmarried or widowed to uphold the world wide fellowship of Christian women in prayer and service.

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