By Ivan Naijuka
Thursday June 8, 2023, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda who is also the Bishop of the Diocese of Kampala has made his maiden visit to St. Luke’s Chapel Butabika. During the pastoral visit, the Archbishop also used the opportunity to visit the Uganda’s National Psychiatric Referral Hospital Butabika where he donated more than 200 blankets to the patients. In his remarks, the Archbishop said that the church is delighted to pattern with Butabika hospital in transforming people’s lives through spiritual healing.

“The church is called to do holistic ministry. That is why we have a chaplaincy here in the hospital, in prisons and other institutions. These people we have seen here are also loved by God, we should not neglect them,” he said.
He appealed to the government to deal with substances (drugs, alcohol and others) that cause mental illness among people especially the youth.

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Let me appeal to the government; that it should increase taxes on liquor, drugs and cigarettes because these things are killing our people slowly


Archbishop also appealed to well-wishers to donate more items to the hospital through their churches or directly to the hospital. In his remarks, the acting Director of the hospital Dr. Byamah Mutamba, thanked the Archbishop for donating to them those blankets because numbers overwhelm the hospital.

“Your Grace, this visit will impact the service users, the staff and the whole community here. The hospital was planned for 520 beds but we have more than 1100 patients. We need your prayers but also sympathizers like you should come to our rescue” Dr. Mutamba said.

Doctor Mutamba also thanked the outgoing chaplain Rev Dismus Bwesigye Eddie for mobilizing support for the hospital and raising awareness about mental health for the 14 years he was the chaplain. Reverend Dismus who has been at the helm of St. Luke’s Chapel Butabika since 2009 and retired this year from the active ministry said that mental health should be talked about in churches because some people hide under spirituality when they have mental health problems.

During the visit, the archbishop visited the patient wards, prayed with them and encouraged them with the word of God. He also visited the school of psychiatric nursing and encouraged students to study hard but also remain faithful.

The Archbishop was accompanied by his friends from Australia, Mr. Richard & Mrs. Rachael Ford, Venerable Rev Canon Fredrick Jackson Baalwa the Archdeacon Southern Archdeaconry and the Diocesan Treasurer, Mrs. Merab Gaamuwa among others.