The Family Life Ministry (FLM) in Diocese of Kampala is headed by the Family Ministry Coordinator. This Ministry is an arm of the Diocese of Kampala which deals directly with the Family life of all the Married and the non-Married Men and women.


The Mothers Union was started in Uganda in 1908 by Mrs. E.A Wealtherhead wife to Kings College Buddo Headmaster and has kept growing to-date. Whereas mothers Union was introduced in Uganda to the province of the Church of Uganda, Mothers Union has spread Family Life Ministry in the Diocese of Kampala By Rose Harriet Wanda, Family Ministries Coordinator 21 Theme:1 Samuel 7:12 all around the Province to all Dioceses, Diocese of Kampala inclusive.

The Diocese of Kampala was established in 1972 breaking away from Namirembe and being a young Diocese came with the MU Ministry, Father’s Union was pioneered by a few members. The Mothers Union ministry has grown in 3 phases. First Phase was the realization of Christian role vs Traditional role.

The CWF is a ministry which incorporates both spinsters, older women, widows and was started in Uganda by Rev. Baskerville in 1905.
The advent of Christian Women Fellowship caused a shift from worshipping ancestral spirits to worshipping the living God and sanctifying of marriages.

Through this ministry these ladies get to know that though Mary Magdalene may have not been married but she participated effectively in ministry. This ministry has grown tremendously and the Diocese of Kampala organized a CWF enrolment and golden Jubilee Celebrations attracting a total of 1000 ladies at St. Stephen Kisugu Church of Uganda.

Fathers Union in the Diocese of Kampala was introduced in 2005 and they are growing in numbers. The activities they have engaged in include Bible Study as part of small group fellowship so that they can be better men. They are also looking forward to establishing the Christian Men’s Fellowship.

The Christian men and their female counterparts are moving together and couples are prepared for marriages and so that they are enriched and eventually take on Holy Matrimony. The Fathers have also been engage in sports activities as a means of bonding and developing a team spirit.