On Sunday, May 8, 2022 the Assistant bishop of the Diocese of Kampala, Rt. Rev. Dr. Hannington Mutebi inaugurated and commissioned the Father’s Union Executive of the Diocese of Kampala in a ceremony held at All Saints Cathedral Kampala.

While preaching to the congregation that witnessed the inauguration of Father’s Union executive, Bishop Mutebi said that leaders ought to be empathetic in order to connect with people easily.

“As leaders, mentoring people is not enough we should be empathetic and connect with people in order to deliver” he said

He added that leadership is ordained by God and people must serve God’s people with a distinction.

“We are all leaders in our capacities but real leaders are ordained by God but still, they are in short supply, so you have a duty to teach, lead and plan for us” bishop said.

Quoting from the book of prophet Jeremiah, Bishop said that a leader should be prayerful, courageous, and empathetic and prepared to take decision so that they keep in focus- not swayed by the world.

Additionally, Bishop Mutebi reminded Father’s Union leaders that they should work to please God that’s when people they are leading will see their true responsibility.

The father’s union executive is the top most organ of the Father’s Union at the diocesan level. Currently, it’s headed by;

Samuel A. BakutanaPresident
Mr. Charles Yakani Vice President
Mr. Mugisa RobertGeneral Secretary
Mr. Joseph BagiireVice Secretary
Mr. Obadia MuhanguziTreasurer
Mr. Milton HafashimanaVice Treasurer
Maj. Mukwaba JosephPublicity
Eng. Ronals KibuukaEx- Official


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