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The Diocese of Kampala was originally part of Namirembe Diocese and Bishop Lesile Brown was both, the Archbishop of Province as well as the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese. So he presided over both, the Province ad the Diocese smoothly because the two were together. However, after the Most Rev. Eric Sabiiti was enthroned as the first African Archbishop making Rwenzori Diocese the home Diocese of the Archbishop, and The Right Rev. Dunstan Nsubuga as Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, then that seamless leadership of the Province and the Diocese ceased to be. It became practically difficult for the Archbishop to preside over the Provincial Office in Kampala from Fort-Portal let alone it being very expensive. Attempts were made to deal with this challenge and three proposals were mooted.

1. That the Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire shall also be the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese.

2. That there shall be a Diocese of Kampala which shall be the Diocese of the Archbishop.
3. That the archbishop shall be an executive office, meaning that the Archbishop.

Proposal 2 won the day but it further required institutionalizing it which called for: (a) the creation of “Kampala Diocese” and (b) the formulation of a “new Constitution” to replace that of 1961. Hence the curving out of the Diocese of Kampala from Namirembe Diocese in 1972 to serve as the home Diocese of the Archbishop of the Province of the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire. In 1970, the Provincial Assembly discussed the Bikangaga Report” and the new constitution. This new constitution was intended to address the relationship between the Archbishop and Namirembe Cathedral. The question raised was – “Would Namirembe Cathedral be a cathedral for the rest of the Province or was it to remain a Cathedral for Namirembe Diocese only”?

Finally, after protracted negotiations, consultations, meetings and much prayer it was resolved that:
-All Saints Parish in Kampala be elevated to become a Cathedral of the new Diocese:
-The Diocese of Kampala would become the home Diocese to the Archbishop.
-Namirembe Cathedral would retain a dual role of being Diocesan Cathedral and Provincial Cathedral.

The demarcation of the new Diocese was left to the discretion of Namirembe Diocese which decided to bring together Nakasero, Mulago, Bukoto, Kamwokya, Ntinda, Kyambogo, Naguru, Kisugu, Bugolobi, Nsambya, Kiwuliriza, Luzira, Makerere and Wandegeya city suburbs to become the Diocese of Kampala.

The Bishops of the Diocese of Kampala in their succession

The Most Rev Eric Sabitti1972-1974
The Most Rev Janan Luwum1974-1977
The Most Rev Silvanus Wani1977-1984
The Most Rev Yona Okoth1984-1995
The Most Rev Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo1995-2003
The Most Rev Herny Luke Orombi2003-2012
The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali2012 -2020
The Most Rev. Dr. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu2020-to date

Assistant Bishops

Rt Rev Gonahasa1983-1998
Rt Rev Eliphaz Maari1995-2003
Rt Rev Dr Zac Niringiye2005-2012
Rt Rev Dr Hanington Mutebi2014- to date

The Diocese at a glance then and now
The Diocese of Kampala has been in existence for more then 40 years to date. It has grown in terms of structure and in the number of serving clergy.

Growth of the diocese.