Mission & Youth

The Diocese of Kampala has vibrant youth ministries in Parishes and Chaplaincies. These are engaged in disciplining young people, nurturing them in Christ and in other spheres of life through missions, conferences and camps.

However, a clear marked out strategy that guides, streamlines and harmonizes these youth ministry engagements is missing. As a result, vibrancy of youth ministry is not realized at Diocesan Level. Also, youth ministries in the Diocese are operating at different levels, with some churches flourishing, while others are struggling.

This strategy is therefore focused on streamlining and harmonizing youth ministry initiatives, highlighting clear and uniform content for our youth ministries in a bid to achieve the Diocesan Strategic Plan, 2011- 2015.

NOTE: This strategy is designed with full knowledge that Churches are already involved on a particular ministry direction. It therefore acts as a mirror for one to cross check their operations, and possibly, adjusts accordingly.