Lweza- On Sunday June 25, 2023 the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda rallied Christians to raise money to roof All Saints’ Chapel Lweza. The Archbishop who is also the Bishop of the Diocese of Kampala was on his pastoral visit to the sub-parish where he commissioned the roofing of the chapel under construction.
Under the theme, service that pleases God, the Archbishop encouraged people to avoid divisionism in church in order to follow Christ who laid the foundation.

Quoting 1 Corinthians 3:10-ff, Archbishop said that Christians are co-workers in the family of God and there is no need for divisionism- like it was in the days of apostles when they started following human beings.
“Don’t be attracted to individuals like they used to say, I am for Peter, I am for Apollos and others for Paul. You should not trouble yourself following human being. Jesus laid the foundation for us,” he said.

CHe added that the different abilities; Money, knowledge, energy that God has given people are for His service. Therefore, people ought to give generously towards the work of God as they will be building for their eternity and God’s blessings.
“Use good materials that will please God also to bless you. Therefore, give generously to invoke God’s blessings,” he implored.
The All Saints’ Chapel Lweza is a sub- parish of All Saints’ Cathedral-Kampala and in 2020; they started the construction of an 850 seater Chapel in three phases.

As of now, the Chapel is on the third phase, which involves roofing. This phase will cost 517 Million that include roofing, labor, taxes and materials. According to Mr. Collins Babirukamu the Chairperson building committee, the Chapel needed 160 Million as a first installment for the roofing process to start however, they had raised only 104 Million.
During the fundraising, Christians were able to raise 154,579,000= UGX in pledges which they promised to pay in the shortest time possible.
The Archbishop was accompanied by Diocesan Secretary, Canon John Awodi, and the Central Archdeacon who is also the Provost, All Saints Cathedral Kampala, The Very Rev Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye.