Planning, Health Services and Social Transformation(PHSST) oversees planning for the Diocese. This involves development of a Strategic Plan, planning for annual activities, and evaluating on going activities. Currently the diocese is operating under a Strategic Plan which is running from 2017 to 2026 under the Vision – A Christ centered, self-sustaining Church in the City of Kampala.” This department is mandated to, and is working on ensuring that this Strategic Plan is fully implemented. A major activity, in this area for 2019, will be the evaluation of the Strategic Plan after it has been in operation for 3 years.

In addition, the department conducts research and collects relevant data which enables better planning in the churches of the diocese. Currently, the process of collecting data on membership of the churches is going on so that a database of all parishioners can be developed.
The other mandate of this department is ensuring that health activities are catered for, in the churches. Diocese of Kampala has 18 Caregivers manning 10 outreaches in Ntinda, Kamwokya, Mulago, Kalerwe, Kivulu, Luzira, Naguru, Nsambya, Kiwuliriza and Butabika. These caregivers work with the clergy in reaching out to patients living with HIV/AIDS in these communities and providing psycho-social support. Soon, the department will get involved in aspects of health, namely; Primary Healthcare Services.

Under social transformation, PHSST has been involved in provision of relief services in the different areas where disaster has struck in the country. It is planned that activities to reach out to Rehabilitation homes and babies homes as well as cooperate social responsibility will be addressed in the coming year.

PHSST oversees programs initiated at Central Government level, and so Operation Wealth Creation where seed and seedlings were distributed to the parishioners was operationalized under this department. At Provincial level, the Kingdom Development Organ (KIDO) is run under PHSST. Other programs include “Go green” which is an environment protection initiative under the Speaker of Parliament’s Office in collaboration with the Church.

Finally, the department is involved in capacity building in different areas of need – currently, the importance and use of statistical data, Entrepreneurship, urban farming are some of the focus areas for different stakeholders. Under each year different areas of need are identified and worked upon.
Pross Ruth Owino-Planning, Health Services and Social Transformation (PHSST).