Two Priested, Three Ordained by Archbishop Kaziimba

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and Bishop, Diocese of Kampala, The Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu has today Sunday, 12th December added on the number of Clergy in the Diocese when he ordained and priested five at a function held at All Saints’ Cathedral Kampala.

The Reverend Deacons and the Ordinands were presented to the Diocesan Bishop by the Archdeacons for their respective orders.

Preaching to the congregation, the Vicar of St. Luke Chapel Mulango, Rev. Canon Festus Udongo, implored the new Clergy to have faith in order to build their relationship with God.
“Our relationship with God is based on faith, nothing else; and our salvation is by grace through faith. My brothers, have faith; the one who has called you is faithful,” Canon Udongo said.
In his homily, he added that as Christians, we must remain zealous to God until the end of our life. By this, he gave four practical ways on how Christians can renew and maintain their zeal for the Lord.

Furthermore, he said that being in the word, having a prayerful life, remaining in fellowship with one another and having a purpose-driven life will make one zealous for God. In addition, he said that if we put in practice those four things, our zeal for the Lord will not diminish and we shall also grow in faith.

Canon Udongo also warned the new Deacons and Priests against adverse acts that might spoil the ministry; by this he pointed out wine, wealth and women. He added that sin does not spare anyone even them in collars.

“My brothers, avoid alcohol, stick to your own wife and don’t rush for quick wealth. All those can be the beginning of your failure; avoid them and keep your spiritual life fervor,” he said.

This year’s ordination had only five men, who studied from Uganda Christian University, save for Rev. Christopher Lubwama Kato who studied from George Whitefield College, South Africa.

The ordained Priests
1. Rev. Deacon Walter Aponyo
2. Rev. Deacon Christopher Lubwama Kato

The ordained Deacons
1. Ordinard Frank Kiconco
2. Ordinard Richard Musinguzi
3. Ordinard Misuseera Mukaddeayigga

Story by Ivan Naijuka


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