The Purpose of Education is in Ephesians 4:12: Prepare saints for works of service so that the body of Christ will be built up! This is for all God’s people at any status of life. We seek to build an Education that Informs the Head, transforms the Heart, and Equips the Hands for Kingdom Impact. Hence, our motto is: Educating the Head, The Heart and the Hands. This is beyond the four walls of the classroom. Church Education is multifaceted. It is concerned with all ages, at all experiences of life with the chief aiming being presenting a people that are mature and flourishing in Christ.

We therefore are engaged in the Education Process of the nation through our Church Founded Schools. In these schools, we seek to offer exemplary education that not only informs the head, but also transforms the heart and equips the hand for practical problem solving skills.

Church Education involves ministerial formation. We believe that God has a specific call upon every individual; to serve His purposes. Ministerial formation is a continuous process that is perfected when we meet Christ in glory, hence, all people: lay or ordained are our target. Some are called to be ordained ministers serving in the Church structures while others are called to be lay ministers influencing lives in the market place. What the case; we are all called to be faithful stewards of what God has entrusted us with: Talent, Treasurers and Physical strength. Education helps us focus this to honour God.

Then, managing Jesus’ most favorite; the Children! We have the highest numbers of children in the province and are proud of the great efforts of the trained teachers in parishes and schools handling these precious lives: our today and tomorrow! 

Currently, there are three issues affecting the education process in Education: Quality, Affordability, and Access. In Kampala, the first two are the biggest problem. Quality Education has become very expensive. Yet the affordable one lacks the quality! The Church is therefore called upon to offer quality and affordable education. The Diocese of Kampala Education Department is running a ‘Friends of Education’ Campaign; a forum that promotes Head, Heart and Hands Education through ideas and other resource sharing. We believe it’s not enough to complain and judge the nature of education today, we must take Proactive and not reactive measures to get solutions. Welcome aboard!

Rev. Paulson Tumutegeyereize – Education Coordinator.